I had the pleasure of taking a writing class with Jennifer in 2021 and was blown away by the amount of space they were able to carve out. Jennifer’s class was a warm, safe hug that I could enter into knowing that I would be seen and validated as a writer of color. Cultivating this type of safety and trust is not easy, especially over Zoom. But Jennifer’s thoughtfulness and awareness shines through. If only all writing classes could be like this!

Jen Shin, writer & mental health advocate

JP’s care and intention make her classes exceptional. Not only does she come prepared with multiple invitations into writing but she writes along with us (and will even share!). While she’s a poet and educator, in my opinion, she’s also a master at constraints and now, a dear friend. Despite only meeting her in April 2021 in a Literary Arts class, even at a distance and virtually, she exudes safety and care in ways that have lifted my spirits and give permission to continue to show up and write the truth.

Krystle May Statler

Jennifer’s teaching strikes an uncommon balance of challenge and relaxed delight. They arrive scrupulously prepared while also ready to gently guide, adjusting the course as needed, given the writers in the room. The classes I took were immediately meaningful, often lighthearted, always deeply engaging. Yes, JP’s a marvelous poet. They’re also a great teacher!

Karee Wardrop

In the workshop that I took with them, Jennifer was able to foster a warm and democratic atmosphere that helped make creativity possible. They were well-organized but open as well to the importance of spontaneity. And they have a genuine grasp of poetry as a vehicle for the discovery and expression of insight, but also of poetry as a craft.

Tom Nicholas

I reached out to Jennifer with a group of poems, seeking advice about how to put a book-length manuscript together. Not only did she propose a sequence for the poems that created a cohesive narrative arc, but her thoughtful insights and suggestions for revision helped me see my work in a fresh light. Her coaching has enabled me to revise old poems and approach new ones with renewed confidence. If you are looking for a careful reader who will treat your work with respect and integrity, I highly recommend Jennifer.

Margaret M.

It was, in many ways, the kind of poetry class I once dared to dream of, and I am so grateful for everything I got to learn and be exposed to.