Writing Classes & Coaching

As a teacher and mentor, I focus on three main areas:

  • Generative sparks to help you break through resistance to writing, to nudge you beyond your comfort zone, and to build on your strengths.
  • Revision suggestions to sculpt your poems, refine or develop your technique, and sequence poems into a manuscript.
  • Coaching to guide you to additional reading that can offer inspirations and examples and direct you to potential publishing venues for your work.

In addition to my own writing experience, I bring to mentoring relationships my background as a poetry teacher, writing group facilitator, journal and press editor, and judge for literary awards.

Although I am happy to work with anyone interested in developing their craft, I am especially excited by and experienced in working with writers of color and LGBTQIA+ poets.

Slow Poetry: 10-Week Revision & Editing Workshop

Writing and revision take time, and this workshop is meant to guide you through the process of giving slow, careful attention to a handful of poems. We’ll work one-on-one on three poems over the course of ten weeks, digging into your craft and preparing the poems for publication. Over the course of the workshop, we’ll focus on developing a revision practice so that you can come away from the workshop confident in your ability to revise and edit on your own.

The fee for the 10-week class is $520, and the start date of the workshop is flexible to accommodate your schedule. After you’ve paid and sent your set of poems to jperrine [at] gmail.com, our work together begins!

Class Schedule

Week 1: You’ll send me up to 5 poems you’d like to work on together. By the end of the week, I’ll send you brief feedback on each piece and my choice of the 3 poems we’ll focus on during our workshop.

Weeks 2-4: I’ll provide in-depth feedback on each of the 3 poems (one poem each week), focusing on foundational elements of craft, such as form, voice, diction, imagery, and narrative. You’ll have two weeks from the receipt of my feedback to send me a revised version of each poem.

Weeks 5-7: I’ll provide specific line edits and copy edits on each of the 3 poems (one poem each week). You’ll revise each poem and send me 1 or 2 on which you’d like additional line edits.

Weeks 8-9: I’ll send you additional line edits on the poems of your choice (one poem each week). You’ll continue to revise the poems and send me any final questions about line or copy edits.

Week 10: I’ll respond to your questions and offer suggestions of potential publication venues for your poems. We’ll meet via phone or video conference to wrap up and to celebrate your work!

Sign up for Slow Poetry here.

Manuscript Consultations

I offer comprehensive written comments on poetry manuscripts, including suggestions for revisions and editing. Consultations on chapbook and book manuscripts also include recommendations for sequencing, titling the manuscript and its sections, and a holistic review of the manuscript’s strengths and areas that may need more attention prior to publication.

Manuscript length:

  • 1 Page – $25
  • 2 Pages – $40
  • 5-6 Pages – $85
  • Application Sample (10-12 Pages) – $170
  • Chapbook (24-36 Pages) – $320
  • Book (50-100 Pages) – $585

After you have submitted payment, please send your manuscript to jperrine [at] gmail.com. In the body of the email, please include a short paragraph describing anything you wish me to know in advance–for example, discoveries you’ve made in writing this piece, questions that you’ve already considered or are still trying to answer, and/or areas you’d like me to address in my comments.

To allow for multiple readings and close consideration of your work, responses typically take about a week for small sets of poems, up to two weeks for an application sample, and up to a month for chapbook and book manuscripts.

Sign up for manuscript consultations here.