Writing Classes & Coaching


Saturday, September 25, 2021, 1:30PM PDT
LiTFUSE Poetry Workshop, Online
How do you go from 20 or 50 or 100 pages of individual poems to a chapbook or book manuscript that you’re ready to send to publishers? This class will offer a range of methods for assembling a poetry collection, including questions and exercises that will help you identify themes in your writing, experiment with sequence and structure, and recognize opportunities for revision or further development. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask your questions about publication, and you’ll leave the class with a list of additional steps you can take before hitting “send” on your manuscript. Register for the full weekend of classes at the LiTFUSE website.


Thursday, November 4 – Sunday, November 7, 2021
Northwest Writers’ Weekend, Kitsap Peninsula, WA

Putting constraints on our writing can feel like a challenge, but sometimes a little pressure is what’s needed to push our writing in a new direction or to find language for what seems unspeakable. We’ll draw on constraints such as lipograms and acrostics, as well as poetic games like bout rimés, to radically depart from our typical writing habits and to discover what happens when we write our way out of tricky restrictions. We’ll write together and have the opportunity to share initial drafts, and you’ll leave equipped with a bounty of new possibilities to explore constraints in your future writing. All are welcome—no previous experience with poetry or constraints is necessary. Register for the full weekend of classes here.


Thursday, November 4 – Sunday, November 7, 2021
Northwest Writers’ Weekend, Kitsap Peninsula, WA

Love takes many forms, from romantic desire to warm affection to deep appreciation, and we extend love in all sorts of directions: toward partners, family, friends, companion animals, and even inanimate objects. Poetry offers us ways to honor these various and nuanced loves, and in this class, we’ll explore some of those poetic approaches, such as the aubade (poems for lovers parting at dawn), the elegy (poems lamenting the loss of a loved one), and the ode (poems of praise for a beloved person, place, or thing). As we write together, we’ll use techniques to draw on the many emotions that are often intertwined with love—gratitude, excitement, grief, jealousy, longing—to write poems that show love in all of its beautiful, complicated reality. All are welcome in this class—no previous experience with poetry is necessary. Register for the full weekend of classes here.

Manuscript Consultations

I offer comprehensive written comments on poetry manuscripts, including suggestions for revisions and editing. Consultations on chapbook and book manuscripts also include recommendations for sequencing, titling the manuscript and its sections, and a holistic review of the manuscript’s strengths and areas that may need more attention prior to publication.

Manuscript length:

  • 1 Page – $25
  • 2 Pages – $40
  • 5-6 Pages – $85
  • Application Sample (10-12 Pages) – $170
  • Chapbook (24-36 Pages) – $320
  • Book (50-100 Pages) – $585

After you have submitted payment, please send your manuscript to jp [at] jenniferperrine.org. In the body of the email, please include a short paragraph describing anything you wish me to know in advance–for example, discoveries you’ve made in writing this piece, questions that you’ve already considered or are still trying to answer, and/or areas you’d like me to address in my comments.

To allow for multiple readings and close consideration of your work, responses typically take about a week for small sets of poems, up to two weeks for an application sample, and up to a month for chapbook and book manuscripts.

Sign up for manuscript consultations here.